Old School History Museum Lecture

Old School History Museum
Sunday At The Museum Lecture Series

Sunday, March 17, 2019, at 2:00 p.m.
The Plaza Arts Center

Speaker: Rick Joslyn
Topic: “The Georgia Military Institute and the Southern Military Tradition.”

The Old School History Museum is pleased to welcome historian Rick Joslyn back to the Sunday At The Museum lecture series. In this lecture, Joslyn will focus on one of Georgia’s most gripping Civil War stories – that of the Georgia Military Institute in Marietta, GA, and its cadets. The Institute opened in 1851 on a 110-acre campus and had a 4-year curriculum modeled after West Point. However, when war came to the campus in 1864, life changed for the cadets as they served with other State Troops in the Atlanta Campaign and Sherman’s March to the Sea. Join us for stories of the school and its amazing young soldiers!

Rick Joslyn has degrees from Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Tech. Commissioned in the US Air Force, he served as a navigator on C-130 air transport aircraft. A soil scientist by profession, Joslyn is a life-long researcher and historian of the Civil War. He is married to Mauriel Joslyn, another SATM favorite speaker and an accomplished author of seven books on the Civil War. They live in a circa 1821 house in Sparta, GA.

The lecture is free, but donations are appreciated. (Refreshments after lecture)