Big Check Ceremony with the Fox Theatre Institute

Left to right: Mark A. Street, Executive Director of The Plaza; Walter Rocker Jr., Mayor of Eatonton; Leigh Burns, FTI Director

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, The Fox Theatre Institute (FTI) was on site for a Big Check Celebration Reception at The Plaza.  The event was to recognize the completion of several large renovation projects and accept the ceremonial “big check” from FTI for the Preservation Grant received in Q4 2018.  Guests from The Fox Theatre Institute, the Georgia Presenters, City officials, Plaza Founders, Board of Directors, and volunteers from The Plaza were all in attendance.  Light refreshments were served before everyone moved into the theater for a few words from The Plaza’s Executive Director, Mark A. Street.    

Mark shared an update on the completion of Phase I projects that were identified as high priority structural and facility maintenance projects after a 2017 structural engineering report.   Funding for these first projects came from the FTI Grant for $66,400 (45%) and City of Eatonton SPLOST funds (55%).  Mark also stated that The Plaza intends to use the same funding/project model to move forward with the Phase II projects which have already been identified. 

Phase I Priorities – COMPLETE

  • Exterior Windows
  • North Hallway Floor Beam
  • Theater Attic Transfer Beams

Phase II Projects Identified

  • Bolted Brick Wall Tension Ties
  • Mortar Upper Exterior
  • Cornice



A lot of thanks were due after such a large undertaking.  Not just for the grant money from Fox Theatre Institute and the City SPLOST dollars which were crucial in order to complete these projects, but also to the people and companies that managed these jobs from start to finish. 

Exterior Windows –  Completed 1Q 2019

  • Summit Millwork
  • Schweitzer Art Glass
  • Wilson Painting
Beam Work

  • Contract Awarded to Suncoast
  • Work began in March, 2019
  • Completed in May, 2019
Project Oversight

  • TPAC Facilities Committee
  • Board Members Murray Air and Dudley Carter
  • Grant Request – Board Member Sara Tomson-Hooper
  • Mark A. Street, Executive Director
  • Coordination with Eatonton Historic Preservation Commission (read more about our recent Award!

Fox Theatre Institute – Preservation Grant

Created by Atlanta’s Fox Theatre – an iconic attraction widely applauded for being a catalyst for positive change in the community – FTI pays it forward, helping other cultural institutions renew, reinvigorate, and restore artistic vitality in their respective communities. In keeping environmental and economic impact top of mind, FTI offers the financial assistance, restoration support, and operations mentoring needed to leverage scarce resources and stimulate local economies. (source:

The FTI program has supported 47 projects totaling more than $1,370,800 in maintenance and physical improvement efforts since launching in 2008.  Out of 20 applications, The Plaza was one of 13 theaters to receive grant funding from FTI for the 2018-19 grant process.