2019 Fine Arts Show – Winners!

Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual Amateur Fine Arts Show reception, and congratulations to all the ribbon winners!  We had another wonderful year of submissions.  See below for a few photos that were taken at our event.  The ribbon winners for each of the categories are posted below.  Stay tuned for next year's show dates!  We'll be meeting at the end of April to try and lock in the dates for next year.   And we just can't say it enough....thank you to all the artists and volunteers that make this wonderful community event possible.  You ALL help with our mission of Connecting the Community through the Arts! 

2019 Amateur Fine Arts Show Winners


1st - "Fire & Ice" by Miranda Boughner

2nd - "Coming Unraveled" by Kay Kowan

3rd - "Spellbound" by Shannon Major 

Honorable Mention "Sunny Grapes" by Audrey Crumbley


1st - "Violin" by Linda Dudley

2nd - "Midas Tree" by Miranda Boughner

3rd - "Edwin" by Peyton Proctor

Honorable Mention - "Corn on the Cob" by Elaine Hatcher

Still Life

1st - "Brushes and Chair" by Diane Norman-Powelson

2nd - "Colander with Fruit" by Carolyn Berry

3rd - "Blueberries" by Audrey Crumbley

Honorable Mention - "Coffee" by Tina Pilgrim



1st - "Contemplation" by Barbara Dikeman

2nd - "Surveying My World" by Nancy Bolen

3rd - "Gunter" by James Barton

Honorable Mention - "Heart" by Linda Dudley


1st - "Ponte Vecchio" by Michael Geis

2nd - "Country" by James Barton

3rd - "Old Dixie Road Barn" by Kay Cowan

Honorable Mention - "Gross Glockner" Bill Dudley


1st - "Nature Calls" by Tina Pilgrim

2nd - "Sailing Symphony 1" by Jim Amendolari

3rd - "Sunset" by Victoria Anadenko

Honorable Mention - "Autumn in Venice" by David Lang 


1st - "Yellow Rose" by Karin Gould

2nd - "Georgia Spring" by Susan Loft

3rd - "Rhapsody In Blue" by Elaine Hatcher

Honorable Mention - "Poppy Field" by Elaine Hatcher


1st - "Big Jim" by Peyton Proctor

2nd - "Beauty" by Linda Dudley

3rd - "Conversation" by Carol Myer

Honorable Mention - "Molokai Man" by Janet Rodekohr

Mayor's Award

Landscape - "Country" by James Barton

Best of Show

General Category - "Violin" by Linda Dudley